The new tablet that works as eReader

This is Panasonic’s latest creation and is called Rabo UT – PB1 . It was presented at the Tokyo eBook Expo 2011 in the previous week. This device was amazed all in attendance at the fair, and that this tablet has only functions for readers gaps but not convinced yet.

The new tablet that works as eReader  Panasonic Rabo UT PB1

In terms of technical specifications, has a touch screen 7-inch LCD with a fairly good resolution: 1024 X 768 pixels. The device consists of an unspecified processor dual core. It is also configured with the operating system Android. However, Panasonic , has put the new computer interface thicker for that is not recognized as such.

The new tablet that works as eReader  Panasonic Rabo UT PB1

Moreover, the tail UT – PB1 weighs less than half kilo (400 grams) and has all the features of any conventional tablet. It has a camera, 8GB maximum extendable memory, wi fi connection and Bluetooth in addition a card slot for Micro SD.

Another salient feature is that this Panasonic tablet supports multiple video files. Many technology experts to convince them not end this device. Mainly because it can only read XMDF e-book format.

The problem is that it will have to buy ebooks at major retailers of origin Japan, which would be a covert business with Panasonic. It will not be accepted by fans of the tablets in the world. Mainly because it does not meet the tablet functions or e-Reader is a mixture of both. But we have to wait to start selling this device in Europe to see if it really is a unnecessary mixture or a useful complement to the readers.


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