The new small Sony camera Sony TX 55

This is the new Sony TX 55, like all the TX series which is also super thin, with a unique design, light and interesting features.

The size is 12.2 mm, but it may well fit all the technology that Sony has accustomed us.

The new small Sony camera Sony TX 55

Among the outstanding specifications, it emphasizes that it is waterproof (up to 5 meters deep), can be filled with dust or falling to one-meter-high and continue to operate as if nothing had happened.

The Sony TX 55 has a CMOS sensor with the technology Exmor R. Its megapixels is 16.2 and optical zoom of 5x, including the signing of Carl Zeiss.

The angle is 26 mm which can extend up to 10 power without losing picture quality, something that almost always afraid.

The new small Sony camera Sony TX 55

Thanks to the new technology used in the latest Sony cameras: the By Pixel Super Resolution. This can help us make our pictures come out great, with the best clarity and without losing any detail when zoomed.

In addition, the Sony TX 55 has other little help: the panorama shooting, as the intelligent scanning and 3D version (with quality up to 43 megapixel resolution). These jacks are ideal for viewing on a giant LED screen. It also has the option of background blur.

The screen is 3.3 inch OLED type.

Record video, in AVCHD format 1920 X 1080 quality up to 24 megapixels.

Surely, after so much technical information, want to know how much it costs. The cost is 350 euros.


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