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The LG Quantum brings the best of both worlds

The LG Quantum is a multimedia phone that runs on the Windows Phone 7 operating system. It brings a full QWERTY keyboard, which added to its touch screen gives you possibilities in terms of interface that make them really comfortable to use for virtually any user type. The LG Quantum also comes bundled with a camera of 5 mega pixels that top it also comes paired with a flash that can take still pictures even when the indoor lighting is not the best for catches. All these specifications affect their physical form, causing that this model is slightly heavier than other smartphones on the market, although this is not presented as an inconvenience.

Technical specifications the LG Quantum brings the best of both worlds

For users who enjoy using a keyboard real instead of using the fingers on touch screens, this LG phone is a marvel. Of note the widespread phenomenon that has occurred in recent generations of smartphones: most are starting to let go of the QWERTY keyboard. The Quantum, however, decided to keep it, which undoubtedly will be grounds for debates and disputes among the critics. One of the “problems” that may entail the keyboard is that the phone thickness compared to winning the competition has chosen only by the touch screen, which as we have said also affects their weight.

This model comes with an internal memory of 16 GB, and while this amount is more than enough for most ordinary users, is a problem considering the fact this is no expandable memory, which can be a complication future. In short, this phone offers a touch screen to navigate, but also a keyboard to type: basically the best of both worlds.

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