The first electric bicycle with solar body

Apparently, technology has given a powerful new boom to the bicycle, which although is a very old and quite useful and practical vehicle, in recent years has had a major boost thanks to all the innovations and additions that have been developed and LEAOS is no exception.

powerful new boom to the bicycle, which although is a very old and quite useful and practical vehicle

We begin by explaining that LEAOS is a company of Italian origin, but has only recently begun to develop electric bicycles, has made great progress in design and technology to create the first electric bike that has the ability to recharge your battery via the solar Solar LEAOS thanks to technology.

This is possible thanks to two solar films, which are located on the side of the body of the bike; to counteract the weight of the panels, the remaining structure is carbon fiber, which maintains an ideal weight. While on the handlebars a small LCD panel that informs the user about the distance, autonomy and the status of their LED lights are integrated.

As to how far you can go, people LEAOS says his bike can reach 16 miles in full electric mode, increasing to 20 km if assisted pedaling and although this meant to receive the rays of sun, its 36 volt battery can be charged using a conventional mains or solar satellite, which would take 24 hours.

An interesting proposal but open to many improvements such as autonomy and, especially, recharge time, because although we are all attractive make solar panels, turns out they are not as efficient enjoyable they are more of a thousands and are located in a desert.

For now, keep your expectations LEAOS up offering innovative model with a base price of 7,900 euros (134,000MXN), a cost that will also have to start thinking about how to reduce, if they want to reach more people.


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