The depth of 3D Sound Zooming with Home Theater LG BH9520TW

Imagine you want to relive the excitement of a live concert that you attended in person, but in your living room. Imagine you want to reproduce the same vibrations and the same feelings to the stage while performing your favorite singer. It would be nice, right?

The depth of 3D Sound Zooming LG BH9520TW

Now you can thanks to 3D Sound Zooming that lets you control the depth of the sound heard from your Home Theater LG BH9520TW, enveloping sound, or three-dimensional nature: you decide! The 9.1-channel sound can be used to obtain a 3D multi-directional like a concert hall or the cinema. Moreover, thanks to this amazing device, you can associate the picture depth to the depth of sound to a spectacle never seen.

The depth of 3D Sound Zooming with Home Theater LG BH9520TW

It is not over: this Home Theater is able to expand the sound even horizontally for immersive 3D sound anywhere in the room. The 3D Sound Analyzer then calibrate the sound to accentuate the smallest audio details and emphasize the expression sound of a movie or concert.

Watch this video for real taste of 3D sound zooming:

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