The camera phone or a compact camera what is best for holidays?

The camera phone or a compact camera what is best for holidays

The summer holidays are one of the best times to get to take pictures. After many months of work, a rest deserves to be portrayed. For some time, we always carry a camera in your pocket, attached to your mobile. The cameras of phones have changed greatly in recent times and many have acquired a high quality. However, many fans still consider that they can not overshadow a real camera. There is no magic answer to this question, but it is important to have a few clear concepts to make the best possible photos this holiday season.

The camera phone or a compact camera what is best for holidays

What if I have a camera mobile phone?

It depends on what you do, that is the best photo you took at the right time. Many times the most important thing is not a quality image, but the story. The phones have an almost insurmountable option you have them around with you.

However, the camera phones still have much to envy the simplest of the compact. One of the most important things of a mobile phone is its weight and dimensions. A phone has to be thin and light, and this feature is incompatible with good photographic optics.

And for serving the perspective of a compact?

Basically your goal is to give the chamber more likely. Most lenses including compact cameras can magnify the image with optical zoom. When you expand the image in a camera phone, all you do is crop the digital image you have. In doing so, there are fewer pixels in the same space, so that the image began to distinguish those annoying squares. This year you have seen a phone that tried to solve this problem. This is the Nokia PureView 808. It does not include a lens, but a 41 megapixel sensor. With this, crop the image to enlarge, not lose too much quality.

However, sensor size as this is a (rare) exception in the world of mobile phones. In the vast majority of cases, with a compact go further. If the lens is little light, the sensor will be forced to compensate for this lack artificially. This will increase the sensitivity (ISO). With this “trick”, you take pictures in low light with a mobile phone. That if you have a side effect. It’s called image noise, and are those little red dots that appear in photos with this problem.

So I better with a camera phone for the holidays?

It depends on the mobile camera you have and what type of photos is intended to do. The holiday does not seem too often to an art exhibition, you do not need the pictures come out perfect. At the end of the day, the holiday photos are good for that, to prove or remember that you have states out, and no need for that great show art, but good times. For this, it is best to have a camera everywhere, and that the phone takes the prize.

The possibilities grow with a compact camera, but it is likely that the need for taking pictures of the beach. If your journey takes you to exotic destinations and wants to come back with beautiful photographs of the environment, it is possible that a camera phone remain perfect for you.