The Best HD Sound With New Sony Digital Recorders

From the rehearsal room to the conference room, Sony guarantee best sound quality by presenting the two new digital voice recorders, so that every note and every word can be heard in CD quality. In fact, Recorders ICD-SX1000 and ICD-SX733 are aimed at musicians and business professionals. In addition, both models are very comfortable to carry in a pocket bag as they are very compact and lightweight.

Sony Digital Recorders ICD-SX1000 and ICD-SX733 are aimed at musicians and business professionals

Both models incorporate a new system 3-Way S-Microphone that captures music, meetings and notes with excellent precision. Mode “stereo” recording ensures perfectly balanced with HiFi quality of the instruments and voices, which is excellent for rehearsals and songwriting sessions musical groups. You can also change the “Zoom” mode and focus accurately on respondents located at the other end of a room.

The high-end model ICD-SX1000 enables high-resolution recordings 96.1 kHz/24-bit and captures solo instruments, ensembles and voice with remarkable clarity. It also includes a digital amplifier Sony S-Master, which reproduces the subtlest nuances of any performance. S-Master technology, originally developed by Sony for high-fidelity home theater, is optimized for mobile devices, reducing the digital distortion to get a studio quality sound perfectly detailed.

The variety offered by eight scene selection modes in the two recorders ensures optimum clarity regardless of what is recorded. You can choose “Music” to get a wide frequency response and balanced which enables clearly hear each instrument. You can select “Voice memo”, “Meeting” or “Interview” for a speech clearly intelligible without annoying low frequency reverberations, clicks and rumbles.

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The Sony Digital Recorders ICD-SX1000 features 16GB of storage space that allows you almost a week of continuous recording (159 hours of MP3 at 192kbps). Also, you can insert a micro SD card or Memory Stick Micro (M2) to increase space.

For its part, the lithium battery offers a capacity incorporating for long sessions of live music and recorded continuously until 19 hours between charges (linear PCM, 44.1 kHz, 16 bits).

The two recorders can also be used as practical music players playing files in MP3, ACC, WMA and WAV. You just need to load your favorite songs and enjoy listening to them with the supplied stereo headphones or speaker.

Sony Digital Recorders come standard with the software SoundOrganiser PC, which simplifies the transfer, editing, management and recording of files on CD.

The new Sony Digital Recorders are available in Amazon since May 2013 with a price of $221 for ICD-SX1000 and $121.90 & FREE Shipping if you opt for the ICD-SX733 model.


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