The best gadgets for sports and health

The technology is present in most of the moments of life, from preparing dinner to watch a movie with family or from reading the news on the phone to do gymnastics. That is why there are several electronic devices that become allies in training.

The best gadgets for sports

First we have a set called Nike + iPod Sport kit, which comes with a sensor placed inside the Nike +. The receiver must be plugged into the iPod (also compatible with the iPhone), to meet various data such as distance traveled, calories burned, workout routines tips and music training.


The second is called Adidas miCoach and used to record heart rate and calories burned. Also, tell if you’re working the right way or not and what to do to improve the exercises. For monitoring the physical work, you can upload the data to the web.

Polar FT2 is a heart rate monitor, a widely used tool including daily physical activity. Its function is to measure the heart’s activity during routine and has a controller that notifies you if the work is correct or not. In addition, each report is filed.

The fourth gadget for lovers of training is the Motorola Motoactv, which monitors heart rate and frequency, have counter steps and playing music. Also, is made of a material resistant to impact and perspiration.

Finally iHealth Blood Pressure Dock, which has two entrances: one provided in the arm and the other plugs into the iPad. With the information gathered, you can have a detailed report of our blood pressure.


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