What makes EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free the best free data recovery software

Everyone has deleted the important files from their device once in life. It can happen accidentally or there might be a virus in the device. The EaseUS free data recovery software will provide you the perfect solution in this critical situation.

The data recovery EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard software is available for Mac and Windows
The data recovery software is available for Mac and Windows. Let us dig a little deeper into the Window’s version and see how to recover deleted files quickly.

Installation of free data recovery software

The program will take only a minute to install. The installation system is very easy. Few available options are easy to understand. Keep the option of launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard checked and the free data recovery software will keep running on your device.

How to use Data Recovery Wizard

The user-interface of the program is clean and very easy to understand and navigate. There are only a few options at the right corner, which means there is no need to deal with the menu bar. The software is really convenient to use as there is no setting menu and you can access everything from the menu icon like online help or change the language.


To begin the process you have to visit the home. Here you can select the files that you would like to scan. It can be:
• Documents
• Email
• Video
• Audio
• Graphics
• Other
It will take you to the next screen. Now select the hard drive location that you would prefer to search through. At one time, you can only search through once location using free data recovery software.


Once you select the option of scan it will provide you with two options.
• Quick scan
• Deep scan
A quick scan will take a few minutes and find a decent amount of files. A deep scan is 100 times more effective but it takes time. When you run the deep scan, within second 1 million files will be scanned. If you have already found the one you wanted it is better to pause or stop the scan.
The deep scan is very time-consuming so it is a better option to use it when you are sleeping or not using your computer.

3-Recover deleted files

Select the files that you want back on your device and click on the option of recover. When you are selecting a location for the files never select the one where you lost them. It is a precautionary step to protect you from deleting the files once again by saving in a damaged drive.

No more deleted files

The trial version of file recovery software is available. You can use it to understand how the software works. However, you cannot recover deleted files. With EaseUS you can be careless when it comes to deleting files.
You will have the satisfaction that you can recover deleted files within seconds. It will turn into your best data recovery partner.

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