Testing the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is Samsung’s first tablet to cover the segment of 8 inch tablets on Android. With an S Pen, and is probably ideal for entertaining all the family members. The model tested here is that having only the WiFi network, but we will still try to describe the 3G version which also serves phone.

Before starting the test, we invite you to take a look at this comparison chart that highlights the shops practicing the cheapest price for the Galaxy Note 8.0:


The contents of the packaging box of the Galaxy Note 8.0 comes with the bare minimum. Indeed, it will be entitled to a mains charger which 5V supply, micro USB cable, and of course the tablet followed by many booklets. The box itself is made from recycled paper as is customary at Samsung.


The design of the device is similar to the Galaxy S4, so that the Galaxy Note 8.0 seems to be a Galaxy S4 we have expanded. Suddenly, the tablet contains material Polycarbonate and gives a sense of lightness and good impact resistance. However, the fact that it is made of shiny plastic that it is much more vulnerable to scratches.

The design of the Galaxy Note 8.0 is similar to the Galaxy S4

Otherwise, on ergonomics, the shell of the Galaxy Note 8.0 is more or less thick, so you can easily hold the device without covering the edge of the screen with your fingers. Also, different physical buttons are always present with example on the left side are buttons power and volume control as well the infrared port, and to the right, the micro SD card slot as well as the Micro SIM for the 3G version. The speaker and the microphone USB port is in turn at the bottom. This is the back of the Galaxy Note 8 you will find the main camera of 5 MP digital followed by an LED flash.


Regarding the hardware, the Galaxy Note 8.0 has everything it takes to be considered one of the best tablets on the market today. Indeed, it offers SoC Exynos 4412 quad-core 1.6GHz, running smoothly and fluidly Android Jelly Bean and TouchWiz overlay. This processor is much helped by 2GB RAM and Mali-400MP GPU. Otherwise, 16GB of internal memory is available with obviously the possibility of using a micro SD card to expand the storage memory.

Here are some benchmark tests to measure the raw power of the Galaxy Note 8:

Antutu test of the Galaxy Note 8.0
Antutu test


As you might expect, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has an 8-inch screen LCD that offers a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels for a pixel density of 189 ppi. While the resolution is low especially if you are expecting a full HD on this type of device, but it appreciates against the suitability of the screen to sunlight. It should be noted that the light sensor works fine, and the viewing angles are good, and the overall effect of the image is clear.

Linpack test of the Galaxy Note 8.0
Linpack test

Digital Camera

The Galaxy Note 8.0 is certainly not the ideal camera to take pictures of its size (in fact no tablet is really made to take pictures). However, its main 5 MP sensor can be a great help to capture the moments that require immediate decision. The device is effectively doing pretty well, and the LED flash is a big help when it comes to taking a picture in a dimly lit environment. Moreover, the quality of video in HD 720p is ok but nothing special.

For its part, the front VGA camera is also able to make good videos and performed his duties very well when it comes to making video calls. By cons, it is less effective when it comes to taking pictures.

In any case, one can find several features in the Galaxy S3 or the Galaxy Note 2 as the panorama mode, different scene modes, etc..

Quadrant test of the Galaxy Note 8.0
Quadrant test


The Galaxy Note 8.0 features a stereo speaker that fits on the bottom that provides a powerful and clear sound, but tends to decrease quality when the volume is cranked. However, the quality of sound that comes out of the earpiece is always good, provided it has a good headset or headphones.


It was found that the autonomy of the tablet is very good, because the Galaxy Note 8 was able to stay awake all day before coming to a complete discharge to 19 hours after heavy use, which is great for a tablet.


The Galaxy Note 8.0 runs the Samsung TouchWiz UX Nature which is based on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean interface. It features a classic Samsung keyboard with famous Swype.

The entire OS is fluid without showing signs of latency although several open applications, thanks to its quad-core and its RAM 2 GB Besides processor, you can open two applications at the same time from a single window on the screen. However, applications that are supported are not many, but at least the system is very handy when you want, for example, open a calculator on a corner of the screen. Also, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 provides several features that were already available on the Galaxy Note 2 to help you enjoy the S Pen.

Also in terms of performance, the Mali-400 MP is probably not the reference point in terms of GPU on a mobile Android, and does not measure up to the Adreno 330 Qualcomm or Tegra 4 Nvidia. However, most of the games that launched the tablet look pretty good, although the HD games do not provide the best graphics as is the case of Dead Trigger 2 or Asphalt 8 among others.


To conclude, I would say that the Galaxy Note 8.0 is one of the best tablets offering this size until now. So if you are looking for a not too large nor too small for family use tablet, we recommend the Galaxy Note 8.0 is available at € 294 for the WiFi version and a little more for the 3G version which allows you to call.


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