Technical features of Samsung HT-ES6600: in-depth analysis

The Samsung HT-ES6600 is presented as an all-in-one home cinema with a bold and original design, especially when it comes to speakers. The HT-ES6600 consists of a receiver/player with CD BluRay, USB, Smart TV image support 3D and amplifier 400 watts. As for the speakers, the set comes with two two-way satellites, plus a powered subwoofer, thus configuring a 2.1. Its retail price is approximately EUR 450, putting him as a mid-range computer. Let’s look in more detail.
all-in-one home cinema Samsung HT-ES6600 in-depth analysis


Although not as flashy as the speakers, the receiver of HT-ES6600 offers a very modern original design. It has a curious oval white finish “premium” and supports that allow the team stay upright on the counter makes the HT-ES6600 stand out in your lounge. With respect to their size, this is a receiver of compact type, with dimensions of 362 x 189 x 121 mm, so no need to worry about whether occupy much space.

Following the design, the speakers are definitely front components that attract the most attention in the HT-ES6600. They have a teardrop-shaped appearance, with bass woofer housed in a round room that goes up an extension, where is located the tweeter tweeter. These speakers have a size of 122 mm wide by 120 deep and 530 mm high and weigh 1.18 kg.

For its part, the subwoofer provides a more discreet, and complies with a cube shape with oval corners. In this case, the dimensions are 256 x 298 x 256 millimeters and weighs 4.6 kg. Like most teams home cinema, the subwoofer is powered, so in addition to the signal cable connected to the receiver/amplifier, you also connect it to the current, and will have to place it near an outlet. This surely force you to put severe drawer in a corner of the room, which is not a problem, because you could say that the serious, unlike the high frequencies are not directional, and the feeling of deep bass provides the subwoofer is obtained as though the speaker is not focused on the listening point.


The Samsung HT-ES6600 features a CD player with slot type slot. It is compatible with standard 3D BluRay, DVD-Video, DVD ± R, DVD ± RW, CD Audio, CD-R and CD-RW. As noted above, the HT-ES6600 also has a port USB to read all files from a flash drive or external hard drive. Supported formats include AVCHD, DivX, DivX HD and MKV for video, AAC and MP3 for audio, and JPEG and HD JPEG for images. All these types of files can be read both from the disc player and give yourself the device USB we have connected. Apart from the disk drive and port USB, the Samsung HT-ES6600 has a radio tuner FM system with RDS (Radio Data System) to always know what station we are listening.

The audio processor of Samsung HT-ES6600 with major surround formats like Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital HD, DTS, DTS 96/24 and DTS HD. The system includes an automatic volume regulator, to match the audio level between the different sources of reproduction, and of course, an equalizer is user adjustable. It also has the function MP3 Enhancer, which processes and improving the quality of compressed audio files such as MP3.

The way 3D and output HDMI from HT-ES6600 course allow you to enjoy the three-dimensional format whenever you have connected to a compatible display. If you want to see how you feel the 3D movies to your collection, the HT-ES6600 includes also a function of converting images 2D dimensional format. Also, the built-in scaler can improve the quality of the video files, and the function BD Wise is in charge of doing the same with the videos of Internet.

Smart TV

One of the interesting features of your Samsung HT-ES6600 is the way Smart TV. This function gives you access to the portal Smart Hub of Samsung, where you can surf the Internet, manage your accounts of Facebook and Twitter through your TV screen, and of course, unburden applications from the Samsung App Store. Some of the latest applications available are, for example, the service Fitness, with tables of exercises to keep fit. With specialized software for children and Family History, there is an application that helps you organize your photos and family memories.


In the area of connectivity, the Samsung HT-ES6600 includes an output port HDMI with audio return channel, output composite video and input analog audio and digital optical fiber connection. For network connection, the HT-ES6600 has port Ethernet and WiFi, if you do not have an outlet nearby. The device is certified by DLNA multimedia file sharing over the network with other teams players, such as a computer, a smartphone, a tablet or other compatible equipment. Also, the connection USB is ready for iPod or iPhone, so that you can navigate through menus players Apple from the receiver on the HT-ES6600.


The Samsung HT-ES6600 is a home theater that will not go unnoticed in the classroom, especially for your front speakers raindrop type. The receiver, shaped oval console is also a computer designed to be visible, and not for what apilemos with other players. In any case, the HT-ES6600 is an exciting home cinema all in one, suitable for those seeking a sound film but do not want surround speakers, and will suffice with a configuration 2.1.

Technical features

Models: HT-ES6600
Total power: 400 watts
Channel number: 2.1 (two front speakers + subwoofer)
Playback means: 3D BluRay
Blu-ray video
DVD-Video/Video ± R / DVD ± RW

Playback Formats: AVCHD

Video Features: BD Wise
BD Wise Plus
BD Profile
Conversion to 3D
Scaling video (DVD)

Audio Features: Dolby Digital
Dolby Digital Plus
Dolby True HD
DTS 96/24
MP3 Enhancer
Virtual Surround 5.1

Connectivity: HDMI-CEC
ARC (Audio Return Channel)
Direct WiFi
iPod / iPhone over USB

Connections: HDMI
Composite video output
Audio input optical fiber

Radio: FM

Speakers: Front SS6-2 (satellite type)
EW5 Subwoofer (powered)

Dimensions and weight: Receiver: 362 x 189 x 121 mm, 2.4 kg
Front Speakers: 122 x 530 x 120 mm, 1.18 kg

Subwoofer: 256 x 298 x 256 mm 4.6 kg

Power Consumption: 0.4 W (standby)
Approximate price: 450 euros

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