TDK presents new wireless headphones and speakers

TDK presents new wireless headphones and speakers

TDK is slowly transcending being a recording media brand known as manufacturer of audio products. Looking ahead to this fall, which is about to fall, just renewed its catalog with several models of wireless headphones. They have left a research laboratory where the manufacturer that develops a patented audio system called Signature Sound. The objective of this system is to get products capable of playing with fidelity, distortion-free and without mixing frequencies.

TDK presents new wireless headphones and speakers

Among these new models stand out especially TDK On-Ear ST750, a design for high fidelity sound. As carry an integrated amplifier, can compensate for the low power wireless headphones output of most MP3 players on the market. In fact, thanks to this amplifier, headphones deliver higher volume reinforces 6 decibels and frequencies. The construction is very neat, and is the result of a process of crafting. They weigh just over half a pound, and offer a frequency response ranging from 20 to 20,000 Hz and a sensitivity of 114 decibels. Its cable measures 1.2 meters and is finished in a stereo minijack connector gold plated.

The TDK In-Ear IE800 are also aimed at demanding users, only this time it’s a intraatrial that provide high-fidelity sound. Each headset includes two transducers (one with a diameter of 8 mm and a 5.8 millimeters), the first dealing with the serious and the other mid and high frequencies. The frequency range is also from 20 to 20,000 Hz and the sensitivity reaches 116 dB.

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The house engineers have not forgotten all those who play video games on a computer. For they have designed the TDK On-Ear ST600. They are circumaural pads with big and fluffy, so they can endure endless sessions of play perfectly. They have a volume control embedded in the cable, and a microphone attached to an arm of the headphones shells. Thus, the multiplayer games are never going to be troublesome, and the user does not miss any details of the soundtrack for the game, even the footsteps of the murderers more stealthy.

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The other big news section consists of several models of wireless speakers, which are designed to work with all types of mobile phones that have Bluetooth A2DP. All include audio enhancement system Signature Sound brand. The larger the Wireless Boombox TDK Life on Record offering 2.1 sound and an FM radio tuner. Play music by Bluetooth, but also has an auxiliary audio input jack of 3.5 mm. It includes a rechargeable battery and can charge other USB devices. For its part, the Sound Cube TDK Life on Record Wireless is designed for use indoors. Bluetooth also works and presents the corresponding auxiliary audio input.