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Bluetooth, a flaw endangers your devices

A Bluetooth vulnerability would allow cybercriminals to track the activity of fitness tracker wearers or use Apple devices Together with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth is undoubtedly the best known and most used wireless connection. Now present on any type of device (from smartphones to smart bulbs, via wireless speaker, smartwatch and fitness tracker) it is extremely versatile and allows you to connect two devices without consuming too much energy. Despite the widespread use (or perhaps because of this), it sometimes happens that hackers are able to discover, and exploit for their sinister purposes, the flaws of the Bluetooth firmware . The last...

Focal Easya is a new wireless hi-fi speakers

Focal Easya, new wireless hi-fi speakers

Focal has announced the availability and price of their new sound system that stands above all be wireless, which is quite strange to see in hi-fi. The wireless hi-fi speakers have a hub or transmitter to connect audio sources to deliver a very simple and nice sound to the speakers via Kleer, which keeps the quality intact. As pointed by WhatHifi fellow, the hi-fi lovers are in luck. The famous Focal recently announced the next marketing of their new sound system Easya, with no wires as great asset, which is not too prevalent in such systems but it is quite...

Pioneer Europe announces a wireless speaker, a voice monitoring receiver and headphones for use with TVs

Pioneer VMS-550 wireless speaker to replace integrated TV speakers

Whenever you think of the prototype of the average user of technology, as usual, think those sectors which have a range of special needs. Consider, for example televisions and people with hearing problems. We always put the screen a few feet away to look good, and always rely on the integrated speakers. Read also: Bose SoundLink Air digital music systems wirelessly around the house Pioneer wants to bring the sound to such public with its new wireless speaker. Thus, you can put VMS-550 wireless speaker anywhere in the room easily and not having to rely on the built in speakers...

new Bose SoundLink Air is the first Bose wireless speaker digital music system

SoundLink Air digital music systems: music wirelessly around the house

Bose has launched this week a new wireless speaker digital music systems for use with any sound source you want, but the players are always spoiled apple of these devices, partly because of its Airplay technology. The new Bose SoundLink Air is the first Bose wireless speaker digital music systems which includes support for AirPlay and can easily bind both Apple players like the music you have on a computer with iTunes. It also carries classic 3.5 mm input. This personal system is compact, has four small neodymium speakers for high and medium frequencies, which accompanied by two opposing passive...

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Portable Wireless Speaker Bose SoundLink

Bose has announced its mobile wireless speaker called SoundLink that uses Bluetooth to connect wirelessly with Bluetooth audio sources, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. The SoundLink neodymium transducers have four low profile to deliver clear mid and high frequencies, and new opposition passive radiators and deep bass notes. This Bose speaker offers full-range audio is less than 2 inches thick. It supports A2DP Bluetooth standard for wireless transmission of music and has a powerful antenna for reliable wireless audio connection. The six most recently used Bluetooth devices are stored in memory, eliminating the need for a new synchronization. The...

Libratone Live AirPlay-enabled sound system

Libraton has presented Live , a wireless speaker AirPlay-enabled technology for streaming music from IOS devices like the iPhone, iPod touch. There are also 3.5 mm audio jack for connecting other audio sources. Libratone Live has a 5-inch bass, two tweeter of 3-inch mid-range and two 1-inch, and each of them amplified independently delivered a total power of 150W. It incorporates features of processing digital signal, digital amplifier and FullRoom acoustic technology for a 360-degree sound.