Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse and Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Mouse

The Sculpt Mobile Mouse is the latest evolution of the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 – with a Windows button which works great on Windows 7 or Windows 8

Within days, the market will receive two new mice that emerge bright heads Microsoft, so start witness a new browsing experience for the new operating system, with a series of shortcuts to the main functions of Windows 8. Microsoft Sculpt… Continue Reading

Corsair Vengeance M60, mouse ideal laser for shooters

Corsair Vengeance M60, mouse ideal laser for shooters

Corsair has just introduced a mouse laser for gamers naming Corsair Vengeance M60. This mouse has an ergonomic shape at the top and a dedicated button for shooting, which is designed for PC gamers and suitable for shooting in the… Continue Reading

Targus AMW58US, wireless mouse that works via Wi-Fi

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Wireless mice are usually connected to computers via USB devices. You must connect the USB dongle to a PC and then the mouse will work wirelessly. But the problem with this design is that there are high chances that you… Continue Reading

Genius DX-L8000: wireless mouse with a maximum range of 15 meters

Genius DX-L8000, grip DX-L8000 , Genius rubber , wireless mouse, better mouse , coating mouse, Taiwan mouse

Genius, the peripheral maker based in Taiwan , has begun offering its wireless mouse, the Genius DX-L8000. This mouse uses BlueEye technology, which allows for easy tracking on any surface, including glass or powder. Genius DX-L8000 uses wireless connectivity to… Continue Reading

The world’s first wireless mouse comes with battery for 9 months

Wireless, WiFi and autonomous enough to give you time to have a child. WiFi is the first mouse and comes on the heels of HP and the great advantage is that you can release the USB port that is usually… Continue Reading