Specifications of Point of View ProTab 2 IPS

Specifications of Point of View ProTab 2 IPS

Point of View, a company known for manufacturing of graphics cards, has developed a new tablet that bears the name of ProTab 2 IPS. As its name implies, this machine uses the IPS panel which has a capacitive touch screen… Continue Reading

LCD manufacturers to pay an additional millions for price fixing

LCD manufacturers to pay an additional $ 553 million for price fixing

Seven manufacturers of LCDs, including Samsung and Sharp have agreed to settle another lawsuit U.S. for price fixing by payments in the millions. In sum, pay the manufacturer $ 553 million, just as from Reuters indicates discovered court documents.  … Continue Reading

Lumix P-05C, the new Panasonic Mobile

As happened with the Cybershot phones, Panasonic now repeats the initial scheme but in this case the hand of Lumix phone, phones with the anchor in the picture. Official information is still scarce but it is known that the model… Continue Reading

Finger-nose Stylus: Use the touch screen nose!

Who has not wanted to use your smartphone touschscreen during a relaxing soak in the tub? I tried it myself, not being able to give up a game of Dead Rising on my iPhone. Of course, the risk is big:… Continue Reading

LG Genesis Dual Touch Screen Smartphone with U.S. Cellular

U.S. Cellular will soon be launching a new Android smartphone with cover from LG, the LG Genesis. The phone has a dual-screen layout with a full QWERTY keyboard. In terms of specifications, the LG Genesis has: * External Touch Screen… Continue Reading

Android + SNES controller: for lovers of retrogaming

With smartphones, we’ve made significant progress in terms of enjoyment and use of mobile technology, but despite this, there are always those who look nostalgically to the past, while appreciating the improvements of this presentation. So not wanting to give… Continue Reading

Sumixe, tablet low cost Chinese Android

While many people prefer name brand products at the time of purchase, price is an important variable. That’s why more and more gadgets from China that allows users to keep up with technology at a much lower price. Such is… Continue Reading