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Cinemin Swivel from WowWee projector for iPod and iPhone

If it is the first time you saw such a pico projector, then you might say that “Eh… what’s the point, slideshows for the smart phone? I doubt it! It is not powerful enough to have practical use.” Think about watching movies in the bathroom! Maybe, but probably you’d have a projector built into your bathroom instead of something separate. Finally the WowWee Robotics to give you the answer with its Cinemin Swivel pico projector: for watching video on the ceiling while you’re in bed, of course, interesting.

Cinemin Swiel Compact pico projector for iPod and iPhone

Like many projectors the Cinemin Swiel DLP is a device with a battery. Actually found this to be adequate for personal use and has satisfactory results with your Apple iPhone 3GS: in a room lit got an image that could be seen up to about 13 in a projection field of two feet. In an entirely dark room it was well up to 30 inches diagonally to five feet. Cinemin Swiel pico projector has 480×320-pixel resolution (HVGA); swivel design. WowWee says the Cinemin Swivel can project an image from 8 inches to 50 inches but you should be especially careful with the approach for anything more 30 inches, while pixels and brightness individual become problematic. The colors were amazingly bright Give the lighting condition of the room.

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In battery mode you can use it for about 90 minutes, much less than the 135 minutes they say in the papers, but most users would use an external source of energy for such prolonged use, anyway. Other features included with the device to project a switch on the back, a focus dial and an integrated speaker (with volume buttons) which is offset by a headphone jack.