Sony MDR-XB 910: Pure Aluminum For Your Ears

interior design of Sony MDR-XB910 headphone is optimized with technology Advanced Direct Vibe Structure

The new Sony MDR-XB 910 headphones are well designed and put all their effort to provide a listening experience where the bass are not missed unless not necessary. Aluminum finish, the interior design is optimized with technology Advanced Direct Vibe… Continue Reading


Moshi Headphones Moonrock oval design with box

Moshi, a company famous for its accessories for Mac, introduces the Moonrock headphones that is equipped with acoustic driver units, deliver clear highs and lower mids and balanced. The Moonrock brings neodymium drivers Frequency range 20 Hz-20kHz and remote control… Continue Reading


Headphones design comics

If you like comics you can not stop buying these original headphones that have a 100% original design. Retro style, it remains to draw attention because instead of a sober black, in them you see the images of some old… Continue Reading