Rechargeable Cordless Car: How it works

It is in the case of cars with electrical system, which must be recharged as any mobile phone or laptop. Currently several types of connectors (or plugs) are available for electric cars , according to the size of their batteries… Continue Reading

Rugged convertible notebook Panasonic Toughbook CF-19

Panasonic has decided to adopt the platform for Sandy Bridge rugged convertible notebook, the Panasonic Toughbook CF-19. This new machine will improve the use and performance, and is also protected by a magnesium alloy casing which makes it resistant to… Continue Reading

New generation LG Cinema 3D with passive glasses

New generation LG Cinema 3D with passive glasses

The new generation of LG Cinema 3DTV has presented that allows you to have the same experience of cinema, viewing movies or playing with platforms such as PS3 or Xbox. The glasses for 3D viewing are the same as the… Continue Reading

Kingston Data Traveler 3.0 Ultimate G2, high speed memory

There is always pleasant surprises in the market for consumer electronics and this time the good news have come from the hand of Kingston, a company specializing in data storage that has launched the new Kingston Data Traveler 3.0 Ultimate… Continue Reading

New Sony Walkman with 4GB of storage

Times have changed a lot and you are far away those times that if we go down the street or doing any activity outside the home and wanted to hear music, we had to wear a cumbersome cassette Walkman. The… Continue Reading

iDAPT i1 Eco, an adapter to load all devices

Come the holidays, travel, sightseeing, overweight baggage will cost you a kidney because your ticket has those funny lowcost obligations and the suitcase full of chargers and cables for mobile, MP3, camera, laptop, tablet, ebook, console portable, intimate toys. Comes… Continue Reading

India Vodafone will start selling the Samsung Galaxy S II from next June 3

The popular Samsung Galaxy S II is coming soon to India. The device will be available from next month for a price of Rs. 32,890, but users can pre-order from tomorrow by paying Rs. 1,000. Vodafone has managed to take… Continue Reading

Windows Phone Mango, available from this autumn

Windows Phone Mango has been officially announced by Microsoft. As expected, WP Mango has over 500 new features, although not all have been released in today. Windows Phone Mango, expanding the limits of experience on intelligent communication and Internet applications.… Continue Reading

Panasonic Sweety SoftBank 003P, an Android phone designed for women

Japanese mobile operator, SoftBank Mobile, has introduced a new model of Android smartphone called Panasonic Sweety SoftBank 003P, which will be promoted as the device, designed specifically for the female audience. Sweety SoftBank 003P is equipped with an infrared port,… Continue Reading