Lenovo IdeaPad U300s, a laptop with ultra-thin design

At the fair, Computex 2011, Lenovo also introduced a U300s IdeaPad ultrabook dubbed. The interesting thing about this machine is its frame. The laptop sports an ultra-slim design and runs on the Intel Core family of processors (Core i7 probably)… Continue Reading

Lumix P-05C, the new Panasonic Mobile

As happened with the Cybershot phones, Panasonic now repeats the initial scheme but in this case the hand of Lumix phone, phones with the anchor in the picture. Official information is still scarce but it is known that the model… Continue Reading

HTC Tablet Puccini

HTC has chosen a strange name when baptizing its new tablet. Puccini is the name chosen by the prestigious brand that has designed a pseudonym key hides the official name of the product. It is known however that the HTC… Continue Reading

iDAPT i1 Eco, an adapter to load all devices

Come the holidays, travel, sightseeing, overweight baggage will cost you a kidney because your ticket has those funny lowcost obligations and the suitcase full of chargers and cables for mobile, MP3, camera, laptop, tablet, ebook, console portable, intimate toys. Comes… Continue Reading

Samsung Smart One AF315, a new all in one computer made in South Korea

Samsung has announced a new all in one computer for the South Korean market. The machine is called Samsung Smart One AF315, and has a pretty nice design and ultra-thin. Samsung AF315 is designed to view 3D content and has… Continue Reading

India Vodafone will start selling the Samsung Galaxy S II from next June 3

The popular Samsung Galaxy S II is coming soon to India. The device will be available from next month for a price of Rs. 32,890, but users can pre-order from tomorrow by paying Rs. 1,000. Vodafone has managed to take… Continue Reading