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Follow the Olympic 2012 games from your cell phone with free apps

In a few days, on 27th July, the most curious the showpiece event of sport world, Olympic 2012 games will start. From London it will develop all the skills of several disciplines and if you are someone who can not attend them, you can download the software applications for your mobile phone to follow the Olympic 2012 games from the smartphone with free apps.

Follow the Olympic 2012 games from your cell phone with free apps

It has never been easier to be well informed of what happens in an Olympic 2012 games. So many sports vying for the same time even if they are watching on TV you always lose something. In this edition in the English capital you can follow each and every one of the games and competitions from the smartphone.

The first application is free and is called “Results, Official London 2012 App” available for the operating system Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7. With this tool you can access all the information related to: performance, live show, real-time feedback, calendar, medals, sports and competed, athletes, etc. It also has a custom section called “My Games” to configure the data you want to know, by country, athlete or sport.

On the other hand, the application “Join In” allows you to know beyond the Olympic 2012 games, because it offers a guide to those who visit London with routes, maps, torch, attractions, etc. It is available for Android, iOS and BlackBerry, but not for Windows Phone OS.

To download each you must enter the web store that belongs to each operating system (Android Market, Google Play, App Store, etc) and you are done, you can have all the information of the Olympic 2012 games on your cell phone and tablet.

No more excuses to say now you can be aware of that happening in London because you are in your office, now you know what is happening instantly from your mobile device.

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Android vs Windows Phone vs iOS mobile platforms

It’s no secret that Android is one of the most popular mobile platforms and valued by users. The green robot operating system is present in many smartphones and tablets and it is no coincidence that many manufacturers choose this platform for their devices. Android offers many advantages but especially notable because it is a free system. The user can customize the system to their taste thanks to the huge catalog of applications available on Google Play, the official store of the brand.

The most direct competitor is iOS Android, the operating system of the iPhone

The success of this platform is growing. A few days ago, during the launch event of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the company announced that in 2012 reached a whopping 400 million Android devices worldwide. According to Google, currently the average daily activations is around one million terminals, a staggering figure. This translates into no less than twelve activations per second.

The growth of the platform will not only increase exponentially and if this rate continues, in a not too distant future could double this figure. In 2011 amounted to 100 million devices and only a year later the figure has quadrupled reaching 400 million.

The most direct competitor of Android is iOS, the operating system of the iPhone. According to a study conducted last May between the two platforms share the 82% of the market share of smartphones. However, the study revealed that during the first quarter of 2012 there were more sales of Android devices, namely 59% versus 23% of Apple. Windows Phone also is growing considerably, but is still very far from these two giants of mobile platforms, although in some years could get a better position and become a dangerous competitor.

Android plays with a certain advantage over Apple, and its platform is present in a greater variety of devices also cover different ranges. Meanwhile Apple has fewer models available and its price is generally higher than most Android, for this reason not suitable for all customers.

Android growth seems unstoppable, according to analysts at Ovum agency’s mobile platform Google will continue to increase its market share and dominate the market for smartphones in the coming years ahead of other systems. Samsung is one of the companies that have chosen by Android and, considering that recently has been hailed as the largest phone maker in the world, is responsible for much of his success. HTC, Motorola or Sony are other brands that have this system in smartphones its catalog. Google has made its mobile operating system reaches the top and it looks like it will continue climbing the ladder in the coming years.

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Which smartphone has the best battery life?

Giving objective advice is never easy because there will always be someone who will dispute the general validity, but one thing right now: no one can compete with the Razr Maxx when it comes to autonomy.

In analyzing the HTC Titan II GSMArena have made an interesting comparison on the autonomy that involves models from various manufacturers with the three major mobile OS in the world (of course, Android, iPhone OS and the aforementioned system of Redmond). What emerges is a clear victory for you Razr Maxx. But not always as pronounced as you might think, and also the latter reserve some surprises, which for obvious reasons do not available in many models.

Calling time
Which smartphone has the best battery life
The first test is pretty self-explanatory, and if the Razr Maxx wins hands down is curious to note that the international version of the Galaxy notes you place chips in the second, albeit with less than 8 hours to the summit. The fault seems to be clear of the LTE radio, but of course this difference is worthy of a first study of placing too much responsibility only to the latter.

Web Browsing
Which smartphone has the best battery life
The tests on web browsing, which was conducted under the Wi-Fi, reserves many surprises: first, the victory of the Razr Maxx is not as clear as you might think. HTC One V which took fourth place for the duration of the call as well as browsing.

Play Video
Which smartphone has the best battery life
In this field the model of Motorola back to set the pace, clearly separating the runner and reaffirming its leadership.

Bottom line: the range is one of the major problems for users, it certainly is not from companies that, with the exception of the one model of Motorola, have so far done nothing to surprise us in that sense. The results of the Razr Maxx are great because compared to the general mediocrity, but especially on the web browsing test shows that even in its case there would be so much more to do optimization. If the competition would shift a bit more in this field, rather than in the run up to n-th core, we would not mind it at all, otherwise the battery may become the classic thing that everyone complains about but no one strives to change.

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Wikipedia is now available on Android Market

At a time when the web version was obscured as a form of protest against the SOPA and PIPA, two bills that if passed would give life to the censorship of the web, Android smartphones in the coming official application. As you know, we’re talking about Wikipedia.

After so much time has finally came the official version of what is rightly regarded as the leading online encyclopedia in the world. We are confronted by an association that takes care of a very ambitious project given the current Wikipedia is one of the most visited of all, and does so without resorting to the use of advertisements for self-financing.

Wikipedia for Android

The policy adopted by Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia founder, is to make publicly available a source of knowledge that is not “contaminated” by advertisements that claim 99% of existing web sites on the World Wide Web.

You are accustomed to resort to the use of Wikipedia when you need a certain level of information on some people or some societies? Would you like to perform searches even if you’re away from your personal computer?

In these cases, Wikipedia for Android is the best solution for you, as a result of this application you can see the poplar encyclopedia on the move, you can save your searches to read at a later time with the feature “offline” and then you can also share your searches through social networks.

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Velocity Micro Cruz T507 and T510 Cruz

Velocity Micro, a U.S. company that usually makes PCs, has introduced two new Android tablets that will be part of the show CES 2012 (next week).

The tablets are called Velocity Micro Cruz T507 and Velocity Micro Cruz T510. Both have Cortex A8 processor 1.2 GHz, 512 MB RAM, front camera (T510 has a camera rear) and internal memory of 8 GB.

Velocity Micro Cruz T507 and T510 Cruz

The difference between the T507 and T510 is that the former has a 7 inch screen, and the second one has a 10-inch (unknown pixels resolution).

Both the Cruz T507 and the T510 come with Ice Cream Sandwich. Its exact price has not been announced. It is possible that Velocity Micro T510 will be more expensive.

Let’s see what ends up happening with these innovative tablets, although not from a highly recognized brand look like interesting.

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Windows Phone Marketplace reports 50 000 Apps

Nearly a year and two months after its launch, the brand Windows Phone Marketplace, reached 50,000 apps – at least according to census of the blog All About Windows Phone. One third of the apps have been added in the last three months, 16 percent have only been in more than one month ago.

The counting of the blog excluded deleted apps. Of 50 126 apps, around 6000 apps are not available. U.S. users currently have access to about 42 655 apps only.

Windows Phone Marketplace reports 50 000 Apps

The blog had reported 45,000 apps not even a month ago the milestone of 40,000 apps and on 12 December. The trend was still suspect that Microsoft the 50,000 in January would have together. Most recently it went but faster than expected. The quota is now approximately 265 new products per day. Middle of November, there had been daily 165 new apps.


Next Microsoft’s Marketplace is growing more slowly than a few years earlier, started competing offers. Apple’s App Store already recorded over 500,000 apps in May 2011, while for the Android Market the Market observers Distimo estimated 380 297 apps in October.


Microsoft itself points since the start of the application platform, it did not go to a large number of apps, but about the quality. Therefore, it is talking to official figures – which it would not look good anyway – even back.


You may receive the Windows Phone Marketplace now more positive response from the mobile partnership between Microsoft and Nokia. Currently, for example, calls are routed through a distribution agreement with the second-largest U.S. mobile operator AT & T. It provides for a market launch of Windows Phone from Nokia smartphones in early 2012. Until the end of October Lumia presented models 800 and 710 are available only in few European or Asian countries.


Windows Phone Marketplace reports 50 000 Apps

App volume in Windows Phone Marketplace between October 2010 and December 2011 (Chart: All About Windows Phone)

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Smartphones: Facebook and HTC design Buffy

Facebook wants to break through at all costs in the mobile industry and is working with HTC to launch the now highly anticipated Buffy. The definition of social networking is now a little close to the product of Mark Zuckerberg, although it became the instrument for communicating via the Internet’s most popular on the planet, and as expected, also the number one social network in the world is thrown into the smartphone market.

Smartphones: Facebook and HTC design  Buffy

Social Salsa and ChaCha mobile phones, which are just two examples of some products already released in the recent past, are in fact common “Google mobile” with a physical key dedicated Facebook application and nothing more. The two HTC in question have not had the expected success, but Zuckerberg and company have not given up and are now ready to try again and again, Facebook will rely on Taiwanese company for the realization of this model. As for the operating system, however, the choice is obvious: it will be Android, but you do not yet know which version, and the only thing certain is that a system will be significantly modified by the engineers in Palo Alto to allow the complete integration between the device and social networks.


A little how did Amazon, for its Kindle Fire took Android and folded it to your needs, so even the famous social network aims to take advantage of the open source nature of Android to build it in his own image and likeness. All these rumors were circulated on the net from the site AllThingsD, which, apparently, managed to get this information without that there has been no official confirmation on the part of those involved. In what has been learned, it is a project still in its infancy that will take some time before any construction, with the consequent market launch. It is estimated that the sale to see HTC Buffy will have to wait at least 12-18 months. And you ever buy a Facebookfonino?

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Complete reviews of the tablet Nvsbl P4D Sirius

The company NVSBL has set its latest model with Android, called P4D Sirius because they made tracks to reach customers around the world.
Complete reviews of the tablet Nvsbl P4D Sirius
The battery is fine and will last longer while the connectivity is higher than the previous one and will be available in a few days at a price of 185 euros, although some shops attention because we get as a special offer of 148 euros per launch.
The display type is capacitive, 8 inches and a resolution of 1280 X 768 pixels. We can use up the five fingers simultaneously. The touch response has improved a lot, especially in speed and accuracy. Something against: the material covering the panel is a bit rough to pass a finger.
The tablet Nvsbl P4D Sirius has an internal memory of 8 GB which is expandable with microSD card slot through which owns one of the sides. On the other connections, the most prominent is the output miniHDMI support up to 1080p.
It also has 512 MB of RAM, ARM Cortex A9 processor and GPU mail 400.
Other specifications: 6000 mAh battery, WiFi N, webcam of 0.3 megapixels, very good sound speakers and Android 2.2 operating system.
In terms of dimensions, this tablet weighs 510 grams and has a thickness of 13.7 mm.
The P4D Nvsbl Sirius is a good update on the previous model mainly by three characteristics: the screen capacitive, the battery life and price below 200 euros.
According to experts, this tablet is focused on games, web browsing and streaming content and we take this into account when buying.

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Prestige Multipad 7074B 3G Android Tablet

Prestigio has announced its first 3G tablet. Call Prestige Multipad 7074B 3G, this tablet has a built-in 3G module and a SIM card slot.

Prestige Multipad 7074B 3G Android Tablet

The heart of Prestige Multipad 7074B is a Freescale ARM Cortex A8 800 MHz processor, brings 512MB of RAM, 4 GB of internal memory, and is ejecutadoen the OS Android 2.3 (Gingerbread).

The gadget supports HSDPA mobile networks / 2100/900 MHz UMTS and Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity.

This tablet has a slot for microSD memory card (up to 32GB), touchscreen 7-inch capacitive resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, a rear camera 3 megapixel camera, a 0.3 megapixel front camera for video calls, an accelerometer, a compass, light sensor and a USB port.

The Prestige Multipad 7074B 3G will be available in the European market from October priced at $ 430.

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Toshiba AT200, Android tablet listed for pre-order

The Android tablet, Toshiba AT200 has been listed for pre-order in Europe through the online shopping site of Deutsche Telekom. This new tablet, announced earlier this month at IFA 2011, comes in two models, 16 GB and 32 GB of capacity.

Toshiba AT200, Android tablet listed for pre-order

The Toshiba AT200 has a 10.1-inch touch screen with LED backlight with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, 5 megapixel rear camera with LED flash and front camera 2MP.

Executed in the operating system Android 3.1 Honeycomb, the tablet is powered by an OMAP 4430 Dual Core 1.2GHz, has 1GB of memory and a microSD card support.

Its design features a brushed aluminum casing on the back and a battery that allows up to 8 hours of use. For connectivity, it includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a micro USB port and one output HDMI micro.

The price of the 16GB model is € 479 and the 32 GB model costs € 584. Both models are only WiFi.