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Swyp allows you to transfer files using gestures

You already have the bluetooth, infrared and WiFi, also means more storage capacity and smaller size. However, sometimes to transfer data from one device to another is a cumbersome task. The sci-fi film has made known a type of data transfer more fun and fast: with the hand gesture simply. Therefore, it has created Swyp, a tool from MIT Media Lab, which recognizes the movement provides a link and transfer from one device to another, without using any additional hardware.

Swyp allows you to transfer files using gestures

Swyp allows you to transfer files using gestures

It is very simple, just touch the file on your computer (for example) and slide your finger to the panel on the tablet or smartphone where you want to copy. While touch screens should be to achieve, it is an excellent choice to stop using pen drives, storage facilities in the cloud or email.

The technology so far discovered allows to move files by moving the finger and more, as a matter of time that can develop such complex gadgets. Alexander List and Nathan Linder have come together to create Swyp, designed to enable the transfer of files across a device and an application using simple gestures sweep. Simply place a device next to each other and make the movement of transfer. While it is totally not polished yet, soon you can use your iPhones or iPads, Iron Man style.

This invention is still in testing phase, so you will have to wait a few months to see it in action.

Source: Neo Teo

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