A stick! It’s a stick! Why do photos with a stick selfies is a bad idea

The technology is not immune to fads and occasionally we find gadgets or trends that sneak into our daily lives . The latter has to do with photography and for sure you all know very well. Yes, we are talking about the selfies or self-portraits . Something that has not caught by surprise manufacturers to launch different phones thinking about these photos .

Do you really need such a good selfie

Some have decided to go further and retrieve an object that years ago he did not win but it seems that now is the time. Insurance also know what we are talking Bat selfies. A good idea? Not at all, it is a fad that is sure to end in a few months gathering dust with other stuff we buy because at the time we thought were useful but ultimately ended up using once or twice as much.

You are walking with friends or with your partner and decide it’s a good time to take a picture and tell all your contacts in social how good you what you’re going through networks. Until now it was normal that you end up taking the mobile arm stretched while the rest were placed and do a quick photo with all crammed to try out the image .

Now every time we do a photo we have to stop, for anyone to take the baton, the mobile mount, sync via Bluetooth, stretch, settling and finally take the picture while the rest watch this little show we’ve assembled to make a simple photo . It is true that the stick does not occupy much space but could this be an accessory just for this? What laziness.
One of the arguments that I hear in favor Bat selfies is the security it gives
Of course everyone is free to do what you want but when you stop with the stick to make a self-portrait is a little ridiculous. Perhaps you do not realize when you do but look at all those groups of people that crowd to get into the picture.

One of the arguments that I hear in favor Bat selfies is the security it gives. Providing a camera to a stranger to make us a photo can be a bad idea, true, but be wary and use this accessory is not a guarantee that we will not steal mobile.

Okay, I have to admit that this selfie is amazing but you’re going to take a picture like that? That thought.
Let’s think: not a very robust rod having the ability to stretch, or so feet away. Stretch the arm and therefore the bat, let our mobile to five feet away waiting for any clever you flip and take the phone sounds like a great idea.
Hold it with your hand does not help much but at least we have something closer and better subject. The Bat selfies not help in any way to alleviate our distrust. If you are going to want to steal mobile, they will, ask them whether or not you make a picture. It is not a safety accessory after all.

Do you really need such a good selfie?

One of the raisons d’être of this accessory is that it is more convenient self-portraits. I will not deny: the truth is that it is but do you really need selfies as currados? I think one of the reasons that defines the aesthetics of these pictures is precisely that are improvised and not always the quality is good.

Forced plans, photos noisy, terrible frames where someone (if group) ends with the severed head. End it is to remove part of what is becoming a selfie. Refrain from nonsense also some models are not exactly cheap (there are 30 euros) and finally after making a few pictures with him have gone away from using shortly.


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