The Best HD Sound With New Sony Digital Recorders

Sony Digital Recorders ICD-SX1000 and ICD-SX733 are aimed at musicians and business professionals

From the rehearsal room to the conference room, Sony guarantee best sound quality by presenting the two new digital voice recorders, so that every note and every word can be heard in CD quality. In fact, Recorders ICD-SX1000 and ICD-SX733… Continue Reading


Pioneer VMS-550 wireless speaker to replace integrated TV speakers

Pioneer Europe announces a wireless speaker, a voice monitoring receiver and headphones for use with TVs

Whenever you think of the prototype of the average user of technology, as usual, think those sectors which have a range of special needs. Consider, for example televisions and people with hearing problems. We always put the screen a few… Continue Reading


Archos Arnova SoundPad 7 inch economic Tablet now on sale

Arnova SoundPad has a processor ARM Cortex A8 running at 1.2GHz, along with 512MB of RAM

Archos still has different products, this time we find the Arnova SoundPad that might be considered as an evolution of Archos 35 Home Connect, which was not too successful in the market. The so-called ARNOVA SoundPad uses an Android 4.0… Continue Reading


TDK Wireless Weatherproof, with music in the shower if necessary

new TDK Wireless Weatherproof consists of materials resistant to dust and water splashes

TDK has unveiled a new speaker does not intend to stay indoors and eager to go out, do the weather. The new TDK Wireless Weatherproof consists of materials resistant to dust and water splashes. To connect to the audio source… Continue Reading