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SONY walkman F800, media player with Android ICS

So far, the iPod Touch has not been found with a media player that makes you real competition. The battered Zune HD, Microsoft, was one of the few who tried to fight face to face with the Apple device, but also failed in his attempt and was discontinued after only two years.

SONY walkman F800, media player with Android ICS

Since Android won massive not found a worthy rival for the gadget of the block, despite the efforts of major corporations such as Samsung. One of the firms trying to beat the tug of war with Apple is Sony, which unveiled the Walkman F800.

Details of the device are rare but are known to have a 3.5 inch multi-touch screen and powered by Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0. Perhaps this last point is the highlight, as it will provide unrestricted access to Google Play Store.

As expected the Walkman F800 offers WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth. There will be three internal storage options available: 8, 16 or 32 GB. For now there is not much more information about the product, which still does not have a dedicated website.

The device looks very attractive. A bonus is that Sony has a background in music players, so the franchise Walkman always generates interest. As we mentioned point against regional constraints imposed by Google Play Store.

If Sony expects users to buy music, movies and other content from the official Android store will have a margin of reaching the public severely limited. Remember that Google Music and other services as part of Play Store are available only in the United States. We look at developments in the F800 Walkman and when more information will keep you informed.

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