Sony Vaio T13 series an ultrabook laptop with touch

Sony wants to continue manufacturing laptop computers, laptop with touch and seems to understand better the two factors is convincing the market in recent times: the lightness and touch solutions. This time they are going to reveal Sony Vaio T13 series with touch capabilities and Microsoft Windows 8 operating system. Anyway, it is strange to think of the operation of a touch screen computer. It’s not a tablet or a convertible that can take that way, it is a normal computer with touchscreen.

Sony Vaio T13 series an ultrabook laptop with touch

The key seems to be once again in the operating system. Windows 8 has been the star of last IFA technology fair where this model has been presented. And this ecosystem is truly adapted to operate in two environments: in a traditional computer and a touch screen with two different interfaces adapted to different uses.

In terms of benefits there is the usual computer ultralight upper-middle range laptop computers. It will feature series processors Ivy Bridge, which manufactures the latest Intel. The final model depends on the settings you want to give the user. There are also several options regarding the memory. In the most powerful will feature up to 8 GB of RAM memory and a SSD of 512 GB. Such solid memories are faster and consume less power than traditional hard drives. In return they are more expensive and less information stored.

Sony Vaio T13 series an ultrabook laptop with touch and Windows 8 OS

The screen is 13.3 inches diagonally with a resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels. The novelty is that it is touch. As we indicated, Windows 8 is designed to work both with a mouse and keyboard as with your fingers. In any case it is strange how this is used. Not the first Ultrabook you see touch screen, but so far you have seen solutions to rotate the screen and use it as a tablet. In this case, just a standard laptop form, you are able to touch the screen to some functions.

It also has an extra fast start system, called Rapid Wake + Eco, which allows turning on the computer and have it active in a few seconds. It’s what you are getting used in tablets and smartphones a button and go. The silver metallic design is one of the most successful of this team. With 1.8 inches of maximum thickness, it is one of the slimmest we’ve seen, but it is quite compact.

This Japanese manufacturer has announced that this model will be available by the end of next month in Europe. That if the time has not clarified the price you will. It is known that in America, it is going to be priced at $ 770.


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