Sony introduces all in one Walkman WH

Today’s smartphones have functions of all kinds. The company Sony has unveiled a device with a fashion trend all in one, the Walkman WH. At first glance it seem a wireless headphones, but actually it is much more complex. In short, the device also can be used as a speaker and as a music player with a capacity of internal storage of 4 or 16 GB. In the UK, it will be available from October and will cost 117 and 212 euros, but its arrival in other markets is still unknown.

The idea of this new device is quite practical and the fact that it is developed by Sony provides certain guarantees in terms of good results, although it is necessary to corroborate see its development in its three facets. But it is clear that if you meet certain efficiency and its price remains at around EUR 120, we are in presence of a great gadget.

The idea of this new device is quite practical and the fact that it is developed by Sony

Its main feature is its variety of functions. At present, virtually all people in the world have an mp3 player or smartphone with music playback functions, and seems somewhat redundant to include this tool in the Walkman WH. But this way you can save battery on your mobile device and do not require to carry an additional device.

As for the speaker, it will surely not so excessive power to fill a room, but it should be noted that this is not its primary function. It will be a great device to carry on a trip, walk or may also be used to take music environment to perform some type of exercise or cycling.

The two models were presented with different play modes and have compatibility with any external player but cables are required to work as it does not have as WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity. The Walkman WH battery will last up to 20 hours, according to Sony, but surely it will be greatly reduced if you use the device as a speakerphone and music player simultaneously.


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