OnBeat Solar Headphones to Charge smartphone

Many people prefer to be accompanied by their favorite music along with smartphone when they go out. Unfortunately, this causes phone battery to drain even faster, something that these eco friendly headphones can solve. Above the band it has a small flexible solar panel that allows, through two batteries on the outside of the headphones, to re-charge any of your gadgets.

The idea of OnBeat is quite interesting. Why not use the power of sun light to charge batteries on your behalf when you walk down the street wearing headphones? Although its appearance is that of normal headphones, the fact is that in the top of the headband you can find a flexible solar panel that captures sunlight and feeds two lithium ion 1000 mAh batteries placed on the outside the OnBeat headset to charge the device you want. In addition, in the event that the day is clouded, you can load your headset directly through a computer and the USB port that is precisely used to charge the mobile device.

eco friendly headphones that charge your smartphone or tablet on the move

While this would solve the problems of many people, now is not fully developed. The panel has an area of 55 cubic inches with a load capacity of 0.55 watts somewhat sparse. This would mean that you could not get to charge the battery of your smartphone completely, but yes, you would keep more life while listening to music, these solar headphones makers claim it can charge the battery of a mobile phone, but you have not seen it demonstrated.

With regard to the sound quality of the OnBeat, you can find two 40mm drivers with a frequency response ranging from 20 to 20,000 Hz and a sensitivity of 100+/-3dB. Since then, their specifications are not bad if you also note that it may charge your smartphone.

As usual in these great ideas, the project is seeking funding through Kickstarter with a minimum price of 69 pounds, about 100 USD. It may seem excessive, but the truth is that the quality of the materials and the possibilities offered are really interesting.


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