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New features of Mozilla OS for smartphones

On its official website, one of the major browsers has released some more features of their smartphones OS, which is going to be used in upcoming smart phones for the first time. The name of the initiative is “Gecko” and is focused on enabling the Open Web as a platform for devices, as well as promotes the development of new standards for the Internet.

New features of Mozilla OS for smart phones

They have planned, in turn, build or distribute a specific device or customized for this smartphones OS. The Mozilla Foundation provides a thumbnail sketch of what will be its system, which was announced earlier this month of July. The team said that its creation will arrive by early next year in two terminals, ZTE and Alcatel. But they have advanced some details.

The project will implement new web standards to deliver mobile platforms from many restrictions and rules. In addition, the new standardized APIs for content. Mozilla is committed to “free property”, this means that both operators and developers can perform services or applications from the platform and then rewrite them in others. May also be created using HTML5 app.

The Open Web platform personalize the user experience, manage application delivery and maintain customer service, billing relationships and loyalty. Those who use a device with this OS can access the download content easily.

In relation to its dispute with the Chrome OS, the web is aimed to explain that smartphones and tablets instead of laptops sector. This project will implement new web standards and its main objective to identify the specifications that do not have the devices and designs provide solutions for developers. The team working on it consists of over 20 engineers.

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