Smartphones: Facebook and HTC design Buffy

Facebook wants to break through at all costs in the mobile industry and is working with HTC to launch the now highly anticipated Buffy. The definition of social networking is now a little close to the product of Mark Zuckerberg, although it became the instrument for communicating via the Internet’s most popular on the planet, and as expected, also the number one social network in the world is thrown into the smartphone market.

Smartphones: Facebook and HTC design  Buffy

Social Salsa and ChaCha mobile phones, which are just two examples of some products already released in the recent past, are in fact common “Google mobile” with a physical key dedicated Facebook application and nothing more. The two HTC in question have not had the expected success, but Zuckerberg and company have not given up and are now ready to try again and again, Facebook will rely on Taiwanese company for the realization of this model. As for the operating system, however, the choice is obvious: it will be Android, but you do not yet know which version, and the only thing certain is that a system will be significantly modified by the engineers in Palo Alto to allow the complete integration between the device and social networks.


A little how did Amazon, for its Kindle Fire took Android and folded it to your needs, so even the famous social network aims to take advantage of the open source nature of Android to build it in his own image and likeness. All these rumors were circulated on the net from the site AllThingsD, which, apparently, managed to get this information without that there has been no official confirmation on the part of those involved. In what has been learned, it is a project still in its infancy that will take some time before any construction, with the consequent market launch. It is estimated that the sale to see HTC Buffy will have to wait at least 12-18 months. And you ever buy a Facebookfonino?


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