Smartphone Controlled Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner by LG

In these modern times, technology helps us to make everyday life more bearable and it offers solutions to almost all problems. It is for this reason that LG introduced the first intelligent vacuum cleaner, a super gadget for our house, which as we have to tell new feature that can be controlled with a webcam.

Smartphone Controlled Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner by LG

This device allows users to connect through the smartphone and via web, to see which part is cleaning the house live and direct. This is very useful for women who work all day and have no time to clean their homes. The novelty of this vacuum, unlike those already created earlier, is that not only can be programmed but can also monitor your housework.

It must be said that the appliance complies with its functions through contact with the wall or different furniture in the house, since it has a series of sensors that make him smart. In this case, LG respected circular design but with two caveats that make it unique in its kind, at least for now.

The first distinction is that it has an integrated webcam and the second is that it has wi fi so you can see their performance on line. But if we can be aware of how clean our vacuum cleaner, it will not be any problem because it has a feature where you can record how efficiently has done its work.

On the other hand, it can be used as an alarm system, which can be activated or deactivated as often as you want. LG has not revealed when this device will be on the market that will undoubtedly be a hit among women, and are not known yet estimated prices.


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