Smart technology applied to cars

The vast majority of people in the world has a mobile phone and a high percentage of them use a smartphone, which cannot use while driving. That is why we are being drawn more and more cars that offer technology allowing users to use their devices while paying attention to traffic and the streets.

Smart technology applied to cars

Ideally these systems is to replicate directly display of your smartphone in the car, which, experts say, has to be touch and at least 6 inches. This would also seeking applications for gas stations, radars, streets, etc. can be seen from a distance.

The exception to this shortcoming is the Tesla brand, who has just added a 17 inch vertical in Model S. There are other cars (like BMW) provide a system for controlling the phone by voice and tools such as Ford Sync are slowly introducing more options for interacting while driving. But not everything is for high-end brands, but for example Peugeot, Chevrolet and Renault have gadgets to offer.

Smart technology applied to cars

What is most difficult when driving, no doubt is to receive and send messages and emails, because calling is easier (also receive a call), by integrating the address book. Many are using a system to receive messages and read them also allows us to dictate the answer, very convenient but not entirely advisable.

For fans of social networking systems are for them as well, such as those that track the updates on Facebook or Twitter. Those who want more functionality in their cars can use the browser GPS or reverse view camera, present in some brands.

Note that firms are creating and launching cars already own applications to make the driving experience and be connected to your more positive and above all safely.

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