Google and Novartis to develop smart contact lenses for medical purposes

smart contact lenses for medical purposes

Novartis, a Swiss pharmaceutical group, announces that Alcon , the eye subsidiary, signed a licensing agreement with Google. So both companies together to develop their technology “smart contact lenses” for medical purposes.

As explained in the official statement , this agreement will allow combining the advances of Google in miniaturization of electronic devices with Novartis , who works in the pharmaceutical field and medical devices. This new technology attachment (whose prototype can be seen in the picture) could help diabetics and people with presbyopia .

smart contact lenses for medical purposes

What would be the role of smart contact lenses?

This new accessory serve to determine, through the tear fluid glucose levels in diabetic patients. Then that information would be transmitted through a wireless connection to a medical device. Another advantage would offer these smart contact lenses would be people with presbyopia to read.

Moreover, note that technological advances in everyday devices concretized favorable impact on the medical field, although in principle there is no thought for that purpose. For example, in Madrid, trauma surgeons equipment used the Google Glass during surgery.

The patient (a man of 49 years) had come to the operating room with severe pain due to a defect in the cartilage of his knee and, with glasses Google , director of Innovative Surgery, School of Medicine, University of Stanford could talk remotely with the Spanish doctor during that operation.