SideKick, the backup and recharge gadget for your smartphones

SideKick KickstarterSideKick: A small gadget with so many features for your smartphone
SideKick is a special compact device available in Crowdfunding on Kickstarter designed by Flintu . We are talking about a product that includes a 300 mAh lithium ion battery designed in Japan, the ability to use genuine alkaline batteries to charge your devices, access a fast charging technology, save your files favorites through internal storage (up to 64 GB) and a cable for data transmission.

One of the most common problems present on a smartphone today is the autonomy. This is because the various companies are still unable to tackle the problem properly. So today, we are in the big powerbank to recharge our devices. SideKick was made by Flintu using high quality materials, predominantly anodized aluminum.

SideKick: A small gadget with so many features for your smartphone

We are talking about a safe gadget because inside there are some of the best quality batteries designed and manufactured in Japan . SideKick can be used with Android, iOS and Windows devices as it offers Lightning, USB Type-C and Micro USB connectors. In the case of the Lightning connector, the gadget has obtained the Apple MFI certification.

Inside there is a 300 mAh battery that allows you to use your smartphone for about 2 hours (obviously depends on what you need to do). Alternatively, you can use external alkaline batteries to increase your autonomy. For example, by inserting 2000 mAh lithium units , it will be possible to access 14 hours of autonomy.

The data transmission cable is of type 2.0 with a maximum speed of 480 Mb / s while it can support up to 2.1A. Internal memory, with exFAT file system, can be selected in 8/16/32/64 GB options and provides up to 23 MB / s read and up to 15 MB / s in writing.


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