Shoe Odor Remediator, eliminates odors in your shoes

shoe odor remediator

Here is a very useful invention that could become the ally of many people. For those who have problems with smelly footwear, Shoe Odor Remediator invention (or remedial shoe odors) promises to be more effective than powder or spray.

shoe odor remediator

Thanks to a device that emits ultraviolet rays, this gadget eliminates almost all bacteria that cause foot odor. Moreover, its creators say that the light emitted combat any type of waste and clean up the folds of leather or fabric shoes.

shoe odor remediator. The cost is $ 129.95 (about 95 Euros) and is sold by Hammacher Schlemmer’s site; shop New York that specializes in unique and innovative products.

The product seems to be quite interesting, but would be seen running for their efficacy. On the other hand, it might be a little aggressive, give it to someone, especially your partner “What are you suggesting? What do I have a bad odor in my feet and my shoes?” Could tell you, and would absolutely right.