Scan 3D objects with Makerbot Digitizer

Makerbot is a great leader in the world of 3D printing and a few months ago that the company is announcing the intention to offer the market called Digitizer, a 3D scanner. Now its leaders announced the availability of the device and its value.

You can book the Makerbot Digitizer at a price of $ 1,400 and those interested in purchasing it can ensure to receive the first devices to be launched to the market during the month of October 2013.

The device which scans in three dimensions has a core turntable which deposit the object to be scanned, and a pair of lasers to record the surface of the object located on the plate, and thereby converts that data into a digital 3D.

MakerBot Digitizer device can be a good solution

According to the company MakerBot, the scanning process may take around 12 minutes per subject. The company also notes that this device has several limitations one of which is that the objects to be scanned cannot exceed three kilograms in weight, another limitation is the place where you have the scan of the object must have good lighting so that the model is as close to reality.

The 3D prints are one of the most promising in recent times, and are engaged in a great problem for the difficult task of creating 3D models to later print them. To create these models requires the ability to have certain skills and acquire is somewhat complicated. A solution to these problems is complicated world of 3D scanners, which eventually are being increased focus of several crowdfunding projects. The MakerBot Digitizer device can be a good solution, since it allows scanning objects in three dimensions so that these models can then be printed in 3D.


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