Samsung works for an 11.6 inch tablet with SuperBright technology

In the trial that the company carries Apple have produced documents that would indicate that one of the leading manufacturers in the world is preparing a 11.6 inch tablet, with 1.5 inches more than its Galaxy Tab, offering a resolution of 2560 X 1600 pixels, greater than that offered iPad with Retina Display.

Samsung works for an 11.6-inch tablet with SuperBright technology

After the appearance of Google’s Nexus 7, the tablets of 7 inches have become relevant in the market. The success of the giant network with 8 GB version is sold out two weeks after going on sale and also increased the rumors that Apple is putting together a version of that size called iPad Mini.

However, Samsung surprised us with something new: the ability to be compiling a 11.8 inch tablet (1.5 more than its Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 2 more than the iPad the latest version is 9.7 inches). This data comes from the paper submitted by South Korea at the trial that started in California by the use of patents to Apple.

The Cupertino company accuses the East to take aspects of their iPad and iPhone, to the point that he could put a brake on the sale of these devices in the U.S., rather than being a decisive chapter in the battle from both companies compete and several years in different countries.

This paper reports that the tablet has a code name (P10) and the screen resolution is 2560 X 1600, which would give you sharper images. Importantly, the Retina Display of the new iPhone (submitted in March) has 2048 X 1536. 4G connectivity would also comprise, as presented before Judge Lucy Koh. Samsung already has a hybrid PC and SuperBright technology 11.6 inch tablet offering that bright images.


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