Samsung will release tablet with Windows 8

This is the philosophy that seems to have molded the South Korean Samsung and has in mind when facing the challenges from Redmond in the market for tablets. You already know that Microsoft is going to throw itself to this sector with self-made devices, and will feature the premiere of Windows 8 and Windows RT with a pair of terminals baptized as Surface. However, other firms will also participate in the development of tablets of this ecosystem, and Samsung will not stay out of the party.

Samsung will release a tablet with Windows 8 in October

As known through Bloomberg, sources close to the Korean multinational have confirmed that the company is working on a device ready to work with Windows RT, lightweight version of Windows 8, designed to operate on a platform ARM. Not too many details about the technical features of the device is known till now, although the presence of Samsung among partners Microsoft for promoting the new family of Windows 8 tablets can become understood as a sign of confidence while the horizon of the market is capitalized by Apple and its range iPad.

Given the market physiognomy tablets so far Samsung has not worked with another platform that was not Android, which is only logical considering that the competition for this segment was being waged between ecosystems Google and Apple. That is why, despite the signing South Korean brings to mind the very success of the iPhone on account of supply contracts linking Seoul and Cupertino but who would have thought, given the legal disagreements between the two? It is clear Korean multinational that wants to play all its cards at the time to compete with the tablet that generated from nothing an untapped market.

Once it has been known-remember, unofficially for the moment that Samsung will launch the ring of the tablets with Microsoft system debuting with a device equipped with Windows RT, it would be interesting to know if between the plans of the multinational Asian is the possibility that later know a terminal that works with the Advanced System version of Windows 8. In the case of native device proposed by the firm U.S. stand out are betting on potential, despite having to sacrifice price in interest.

It is unknown exactly when you could see the terminal that Samsung will manufacture to try his luck with Windows RT. In October it is expected to arrive the first tablets of Microsoft, as part of a comprehensive strategy that goes to unveil the first phones with Windows Phone 8, and the commercial launch of the desktop version of the platform you see in portable displays.


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