Samsung want to block sales of the iPhone 4S

A new chapter in this gripping novel is beginning. Apple and Samsung do not stop writing pages and pages to make a book.

On this occasion, the Korean company wants the new creation of the signature of the block can not be marketed in two countries: Japan and Australia.

It should be remembered that it had the same intention in France and Italy can not be sold the new iPhone 4S by the issue of patents relating to technology connectivity.

Samsung want to block sales of the iPhone 4S

Now clear that the war will come to other regions of the world, in what will be a more aggressive stance (according to official words) after the blockade had to face in different markets. Apple has gained in recent fighting and managed to stop the sales of Samsung tablets in Australia, in answer to what happened in Holland. According to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung went to court to obtain injunctive relief and new thus stopping the sale of the iPhone in a district of Tokyo and New South Wales, Australia. The problem is based on three patents related to WCDMA and HSPA for the Australian case and in relation to the user interface and HSPA for Japan. The experts declare that all these causes are not sufficient to curb the success of the iPhone 4S, a few days of its launch. Apple has always worked to differentiate themselves from their opponents, so you may not wish to reach an agreement with Samsung. On the other hand, in Australia, the Koreans are carrying out a fairly original: the firm set up shop very close (across the street if possible) from the Apple Store to give away ten smartphones Galaxy S2 per day. We do not know if this will produce an effect on customers, but surely its direct rival will not be completely happy.

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