Smart Tango Corner Clean is the new Samsung cleaning robot

Samsung also has experience in so-called robotic cleaners. In fact, the report of Samsung Tomorrow said, the Korean company will release a new product that has already dubbed Samsung Smart Tango Corner Clean. Anyway, a few days before it officially presented to the public, the company has leaked a high-quality photographs that show closely and the design features of the new cleaning robot.

Samsung Smart Tango Corner Clean Comes Out From Under Cover

You will see that the brand maintains vacuum classic and traditional appearance so characteristic round does. This is not, as a guess, the most important feature. Nothing is further from the truth. Here what matters is the new pop-out brush, a tool that Samsung offers exclusive to customers to resolve once and for all how complex it is to clean the corners and other inaccessible spaces in general.

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The so-called pop-out brush is not nothing but a small size brush to remove dust and dirt in the corners during the scheduled cleaning. The new brushes, visible signs through the filtered image, are able to offer a much more efficient route and suck all the dirt that accumulates in the corners and difficult corners of our home. But that’s not all. The Smart Tango Corner Clean also boasts a photographic system called Visionary Mapping System. It is, as you can imagine, a tool that allows the system to be much more precise when cleaning, avoiding obstacles and plotting a route that covers the largest area possible. The objective of this camera is mounted on the front of the vacuum, which ensures a more optimum.

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On the surface of the new Smart Tango Corner Clean also find an integrated LCD screen for programming cleaning and obtain any error code in the event that the vacuum cleaner has detected an incident. The buttons at the top of the screen will help us to precisely control all functions of the robot, accessing different cleaning programs that make it simple chores at home.

Smart Tango Corner Clean also boasts a photographic system called Visionary Mapping System

In the rear of the robot, the user will find a removable dust tray at the time that needs to be emptied. These and other features will be announced on January 8, just when Samsung is planning to present their products to the public at the CES 2013 in Las Vegas. That’s when you will have more details on the novel brings brushes or brushes installed in the front, or the potential price and availability in the world.


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