Samsung revealed three new Bluetooth headsets

Samsung has launched three new Bluetooth headsets – the HM3700, the HM1700 and the HS3000 for T-Mobile.

While the HM3700 is compatible with Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, HS3000 and HM1700 models utilize Bluetooth 3.0 technology. All of them offer support for the advanced multipoint for the pairing of two devices at the same time.

Samsung revealed three new Bluetooth headsets

HM3700 and HS3000 models include APT-X technology which ensures a low distortion, pure tonal reproduction and Hi-Fi frequency response, delivering a transfer without loss of content of music via Bluetooth connection.

HM3700 is a dual Bluetooth headset. The headset can be used as a receiver headset to make and receive calls while you can also transform into a stereo Bluetooth headset when it is connected to the stereo headphones. The HM3700 provides support for streaming stereo music, dual microphone with noise cancellation / echo, voice commands and voice-controlled music keys. It provides up to 6 hours of talk time and 5 hours of playback.

Samsung revealed three new Bluetooth headsets

The Samsung HS3000 is a clip headset that delivers improved stereo audio sound. Account with a single microphone with noise cancellation / echo, control by voice and delivery up to 7 hours of talk time. It comes in black and grey.

Finally, the HM1700 is a complete Bluetooth 3.0 headset at an affordable price. Offers a reduction of wind noise, one noise-canceling microphone, voicemail in 5 languages, automatic volume adjustment, streaming media through the Mono support that ensures quality stereo sound, and up to 9 hours talk time conversation. The HM1700 is available in gray and magenta.

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