Samsung promotes the use of NFC technology in the Olympic Games

Samsung has launched two new initiatives to encourage the use of mobile payment solutions through NFC technology or near field communication technology. The manufacturer of phones and tablets submitted the official mobile payment application for the next Olympic and Paralympic Games 2012 in London that will take place later this year.

The Samsung Wave 578 is presented in the MWC

Visa and the credit card are accepted at the events of the game, along with Samsung have formed a partnership to offer NFC payment solutions for London 2012. For the next Olympic Games, Samsung has developed a mobile application based on Visa payWave technology. With it, phone owners will be able to make payments by simply bringing your device to a special reader in a place of purchase.

For small purchases of less than 15 pounds, equivalent to $ 24, the transaction is done so automatically. For larger purchases, owners will have to key in his PIN code.

The application also allows customers to view account balances in real time and view your transaction history. For the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, there will be more than 3,000 terminals installed at sites of the games.


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