Samsung PlayGalaxy Link, the platform that will compete with Apple Arcade

On March 25 the world saw a special Apple event that we were not used to, and that is that only services and platforms were presented. Among the ads was the Apple Arcade, a videogame platform exclusively for iOS, macOS and tvOS. It seems that this has reacted to the competition and Samsung could soon launch a similar platform under the name of PlayGalaxy Link.

Arcade vs PlayGalaxy Link: the new war between Apple and Samsung

The Apple Arcade platform is still in development, with the expectation of being launched in the autumn of this year . In it, as we said at the beginning of the post, will be exclusive games for Apple devices. It will host more than 100 video games developed by major companies that have already shown their optimism about the service.

Apple Arcade comes shortly after the announcement of the Google Stadia , streaming platform that Google presented during the GDC '19

Although Samsung has not yet officially pronounced on a new platform, we have found a patent of the South Korean company which describes something similar to that of Apple. That is, we would see a platform with exclusive games for mobile phones, tablets and televisions of this brand.

It should be noted that the patent does not describe how the platform would work, which would be called PlayGalaxy Link. Neither the availability of this appears in the document, although everything suggests that there was still some development time and that even the company could launch a new smartphone focused on gaming , something that until now was not usual in this company.

Be that as it may, it seems clear that Samsung’s response to Apple is clear . The competition between the two in the mobile telephony sector is marked by an intense battle, although both are losing followers in favor of others such as Huawei or Xiaomi. However, the South Koreans do not want to give space to Cupertino even now in the service sector.

We will have to wait to evaluate these services when both are known with precision and have been released to the market . In any case it is clear that they will not have easy to compete with already well-known platforms such as Sony with Play Station or Xbox. Although it is noteworthy that Apple and Samsung are video game platforms and, at least for now, have not ventured to launch a video game console.

How do you think the new Samsung video game platform will be? Will it rival Apple Arcade? Leave us your impressions in the comments box.


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