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Samsung all in one computers with curved screens released

Soon we begin to breathe the famous event CES 2015 and major developers are beginning to leave knowing what their featured products will be for presentation at this celebration.

In the case of Samsung , we know that will come with its new range of laptops but so will the new sector which will access the computers all in one but with the novelty of having the curved screen.

Samsung all in one computers with curved screens

Thus, following the trend set by LG from Samsung come with its new line called Series 7 where its main advantage is the curve on their screen. What is surprising is that the equipment included in this screen and only have mouse and keyboard as unique peripherals.

Its main features
His work on curved panels has reached different devices in your offer and wanted to also that they can reach computers all in one. In this case we face a screen of 27 inches with a Full HD panel that can actually be rather short considering the size of its diagonal.

Samsung all in one computers with curved screens in CES 2015

The screen can also be monitor if it sees fit well because it has video inputs, including HDMI and 10W power speakers.

As for the computer, it will come with Windows 8.1 and Intel hardware, and its a Core i5 processor. 8GB RAM, 1TB of hard disk space over 128GB SDD format complete the features of this particular desktop.

As for its availability only know that will hit the market this month, ie, in the coming weeks although nothing is known about its price.

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