Samsung MV800, camera display (LCD) 3-inch folding

In the midst of launching their products at IFA 2011, Samsung also announced a new digital camera named Samsung MV800 . The interesting thing about this gadget is equipped with a folding screen 3-inch LCD.

Samsung MV800, camera display (LCD) 3-inch folding

Samsung MV800 is built on the success of Samsung cameras DualView, which allows users to preview multiple angles. Before capturing an image (portrait mode), the user can see through the folding screen of the device the potential landscape photography.

This camera can take pictures with resolution up to 16.1 MP and has a Schneider-Kreuznach lens, which offers an optical zoom up to 5X magnification, an ISO sensitivity up to 3200, support for 3D stills, 720p video recording, and much more.


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