Samsung Galaxy III mini Review

Samsung made a strong move when its Galaxy III mini announced. Here we had an Android phone with the potential deal as equals with the iPhone 5. While the Galaxy S III Original Mobile is clearly the star of the company, its screen of 4.8 inches is literally too much for some people. Upon reaching the screen size of Apple inch by inch, might have been intended as a device designed to win over those who were not sure about the operating system.

Samsung made a strong move when the Galaxy III mini announced. Here we had an Android phone with the potential deal as equals with the iPhone 5

However, when you look at the specs, a dual-core 1 GHz, a screen WVGA 800 x 480 and a 5 megapixel camera is clear that Samsung had other ideas, customers opting more fish in the middle of scale. Accelerating the situation so far, and it is not an intellectual debate about what contains the mini: the mobile is here and on sale in Europe for € 379. Then we put aside the striking of the brand, the arrogance and the talk of the prudent is this really the Galaxy S III just for smaller hands? Or is it simply cheap mobile is leading the evening dress of your brother? We had a good time getting the phone in an attempt to know all this.

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If you already have a Galaxy S III may be helpful to take it out of your pocket or purse and leave it in an area near you, if that’s possible. Many of the physical descriptions that can be done on the Galaxy III mini can also match those of the Galaxy S III for full size.

The hardware of the new Samsung mini mobile

The previous Samsung Galaxy phones were usually quite poor when it came to carrying design. It used to try things little descriptive oblong plastic containing the details required for you, as the user could make calls, go the Internet and keep your life with a mobile. The Galaxy S III was the first to be away from the familiar and comfortable arrangement, but got a great welcome. This same design language, the upper and lower curved accents which seem metal, etc. are also in full effect in the Samsung Galaxy III mini.

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With all that said, the Samsung Galaxy S III mini is nice device. Your model was marble white version (but also available in blue) is bright and modern. The smooth lines at the top and bottom make the phone has a continuous, almost as a circle that makes it feel more like part Samsung line 2012 that, for example, the Galaxy Beam.

Above the mobile screen, where the grill is heard, the camera facing the front and a pair of sensors. Below is the famous Samsung power button, as well as capacity two buttons, one for the menu and one for back. Neither is visible until the screen is activated. Then the light will shine from behind and call your attention. The rest of the device comes personality metal details around the button, and around the outer housing.


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