Samsung at work on a new augmented reality viewer?

Samsung is now one of the largest companies in the world, ranging from different sectors of electronics, including smartphones, technological gadgets, smartwatches, appliances, laptops and tablets. A field, however, where the house has not yet released its own device, is that of augmented reality, to which the company is currently working to release a new product, thus joining Apple and Facebook, also working at something similar.

Samsung and the mysterious augmented reality viewer

What should be a new Samsung AR device has recently been leaked into a patent . This shows the design of a new AR viewer that the house would be dedicating its work to. The patent, which had been requested in February, was actually published only a few days ago .

mysterious augmented reality viewer

According to the drawings shown by the latter, Samsung’s new augmented reality set has a structure made of metal and synthetic resin . There is a cable connected to the right side of the device that could be used for the connection for another device for data exchange or recharging, of which the house however, does not specify its usefulness.

The lenses are made of glass. The headphones also appear to have two front-facing cameras and two projectors for each eye.

However, the Samsung patent stops here. Unfortunately, the documents are limited only to the description of the product design , without yet revealing the technology that the Korean company intends to implement and use. All that remains is to wait for the house to release more information about this curious product.


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