Rockstar has confirmed micropayments for GTA V Online

If Microsoft will make a world tour to present his latest creation on console, Xbox One, Rockstar North has meanwhile dropped a bomb that is sure to make fans salivate. Last week, the giant responsible for the development of video games has confirmed through a blog that Grand Theft Auto Online will make possible real micro-payments in exchange for what he calls in-game cash. The players immediately reacted by commenting on the disruption of the balance of power that could cause this game brute force.

Grand Theft Auto Online will make possible real micro-payments in exchange for what he calls in-game cash

Thus, the “Cash Cards” will only be available to purchase before entering the game and not during gameplay. According to information from our British colleagues, the $ 100,000 “Red Shark” Cash Card will be sold at £ 1.99 and the $ 200,000 “Tiger Shark” is trading at 3.49 pounds. The $ 500,000 “Bull Shark” worth £ 6.99 while the 1250000 “Great White” will be available for £ 13.49.

Rockstar makes much of the fact that it does not constitute a case scenario pay-to-win. He stressed that it will be easy for all players get money compared to their counterparts who play off-line. And it does not unbalance the multiplayer also drastically release. It will only allow the player to move a little faster.

Note that the more you pay for “Mr. Roger’s Land of Make Believe” and you cash dollars. Rockstar and even insinuates that if you spend a little, you will not have much advantage in the game If this is indeed the case, only the mega rich kids who can afford to pay $ 25 USD can expect to get a return on their investment. We’ll know a little more after tomorrow, official launch date of the online version of GTA V.

Today we wonder if Rockstar does not do his best for the billions of virtual sales are as real as possible and that, by regressing the virtual middle classes.


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