Robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Robot 1S: successor of the Mi Robot Vacuum

The two models, both the 1S and the new T6, have a suction power of 2000 pa.

Design of the My Robot 1S

Xiaomi has once again surprised us with a model that will thrill many of the users of robot vacuum cleaners. The Mi Robot of Xiaomi conquered the market in 2016, becoming one of the most sold and the robot vacuum cleaner par excellence. Now his successor is preparing to conquer 2019. In this article you have all the details about the new robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Robot 1S.

As we can see in the specifications, the differences with the first generation are more numerous than we expected. The Mi Robot 1S could be considered the competitor of the Roborock T6 announced recently. Below we show you the differences in detail.

The Mijia logo can be seen in the laser distance sensor (LDS) located at the top of the robot, so we can know that the robot is part of the Mijia product rangeSpecifications: comparison with its predecessor and Roborock T6

My Robot 1S: Optimization of the 1st generation?

At first glance it seems that it is simply an offer of the first generation of successful robot vacuum cleaners Xiaomi / RoboRock. But if we look closer, we can see a kind of black lens on top. It is an improvement of the mapping sensor. With this optical sensor, the Mi Robot 1S should be able to detect doors, corridors and other similar objects with much more precision and be oriented even better around the house.

Sensors of the Xiaomi Mi Robot 1S

The Mijia logo can be seen in the laser distance sensor (LDS) located at the top of the robot, so we can know that the robot is part of the Mijia product range. The manufacturer RoboRock, which has been involved in the development of all models of Xiaomi, is present again in this model.

Until now, however, we have not read that it has scrub / mop function to be read. It seems that this is a function that only the most expensive models include. The two models, both the 1S and the new T6, have a suction power of 2000 pa.

Programmable working hours for each room

With the laser sensor away, the 1S scans the house and creates a map, as we already know from other robots. This is shown in the “Xiaomi Home App” (recently renamed). The 1S includes another improvement that has also been introduced in the RoboRock T6 : the division of the house into rooms. In addition, different operating hours can be programmed for each room . For example, clean the room at 9:30 and the kitchen at 12:30.

Room layout with the Mi Robot 1S

The Mi Robot 1S divides the different rooms by sections like the Roborock T6.
Like its predecessors, the 1S comes with a brushing head on the bottom, the spare parts and accessories should be compatible with those of the other models , as usual. This means that the owners of another Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner can use their accessories in the new model and do not need to buy new ones.

Improvement (not only) compared to the first generation

If you consider the RoboRock T6 as an optimized RoboRock S50, you can also see the 1S as an optimized My Robot. However, the 1S has very interesting functions that are also present in the new high-end model T6 (see the comparison table above). Briefly the improvements of the Mi Robot 1S are:

Programmable cleaning of one and several rooms

  1. Room distribution
  2. Storage of maps of different floors
  3. Cortex A35 quad-core ARM processor more powerful
  4. optical sensor for more precise orientation
  5. simultaneous mapping and SLAM of the Mi Robot 1S

The really surprising thing is that Xiaom has incorporated the most innovative feature of the T6 in the Mi Robot 1S. We refer to the storage of maps of different floors , as well as the scheduling of one or more rooms. It’s something we did not expect. To compare the differences in the two models we have to wait to try them, since the technical data of the software speak more in favor of the 1S, which is probably cheaper than the T6.

Once the maps are saved, the 1S should be able to gradually optimize the routes . This feature is also present in the software package of other models, but in a more rudimentary way.

Forecast: The new Top model of robot vacuum cleaner?

The crowdfunding price in Youpin is 1999 Yuan ( € 270 ). We have no doubt that this objective will be achieved in a very short time. As usual, the Xiaomi Mi Robot 1S will be launched in China first, but we still do not know when it will go on sale.

Of course, we will have to see if the new features will work well in practice and if the guideline value of the current price will turn out to be the final price. Xiaomi still has not disappointed us in the field of robot vacuum cleaners and has always applied the functions announced to perfection. The RoboRock T6 is still under development and as soon as possible we will have a test model. We will do the same with the 1S when it goes on sale, and once we have tried it we will update this article.


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