Trends in IT: Which Direction is Virtualisation Heading?

It is here that there is an increasing shift to adopt virtualisation technologies that maximise performance from an IT stack through multi-tasking and auto-scheduling of processor intensive tasks such as e-mail exchange

As cloud computing redefines IT as an enabler of enterprise, virtualisation is becoming the engine room for business innovation and growth. It is the capability of a cutting-edge virtual hardware stack that is helping businesses to differentiate in new and… Continue Reading

AMOLED vs Full HD IPS: LG shows in the quality of its video display

AMOLED display for the Galaxy Note 2 and Full HD IPS Optimus G Pro

What better way for LG to get publicity if not quite a comparison of its current top of the range and one of the largest producer of smartphones in the world? Obviously we are talking about LG Optimus G Pro… Continue Reading