A full review of the design of the Fitbit One

Unlike its predecessor, the Fitbit Ultra was a single piece of hardware shaped clip, the Fitbit One has a clip that can be made out of silicone rubber and metal. The device itself is a small piece of plastic with a soft oblong button and a screen that is invisible until you wake up. With all that said, the measures are of only 0.76 x 1.89 x 0.38 inches and weighs about 0.28 ounces. The only button allows you to travel on an OLED display that shows the time and also the activity recorded that day things such as mileage, climbs stairs and comment on your general movements in the form of a flower that grows taller the more you move.

The battery has a remarkable amount of energy. You can easily go a week or two without having to plug it into a USB port and included with your cable

Clip the Fitbit One anywhere on your clothing or remove the housing and slip it into one of your pockets, purse or neck and keep track of the activity you do no matter where you have placed. Use the Fitbit One review to drive for a week in various types of shirts, pants and sportswear and never saw the clothes affect performance.

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The battery has a remarkable amount of energy. You can easily go a week or two without having to plug it into a USB port and included with your cable. The Fitbit One also comes with a USB component to the sync wirelessly upload data from your Fitbit to your account on the web whenever you are within a few feet of the component. You also get a wrist band with Velcro that keeps safe the Fitbit while you sleep if you want to have your sleep time.

The new features of Fitbit One

The Fitbit One has some key differences with respect to Fitbit Ultra and all improve what was already a stellar product.

Second, the Fitib One can get in sync with an iPhone via Bluetooth (still no support for Android), a feature that would have appreciated. Always check your daily progress on the device itself, but you need to synchronize data for previous days. Luckily, if you sync the device one day, that day data remain stored on the Fitbit until you sync itself not to miss any information.

Finally a silent alarm vibrates to wake you out of your dreams for the time that you set it up. This feature is for those who want to use the Fitbit One overnight in the soft wrist strap and allows the skin to breathe. You have to set the alarm time through the Web application but you can configure it to be repeated in certain days of the week as Monday through Friday. Find the alarm settings may stop you from using this feature as they are hidden in a confusing manner panel under account settings rather than in the Control Panel. When using this feature did not believe that a small plastic piece which vibrates in my wrist was going to wake up, but it works.


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